BillMinder 4 App Reviews

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I just spent 60 minutes inputting all of my bills, due dates, and amounts into this app and it has changed for some strange reason. Many of my due dates are in 2019 and some amounts are “null”. I’m quite frustrated and would like a refund.

Would have given a 5 Star except for...

I really love this app except for the fact that you can’t make changes to anything without deleting the entire payee info & reentering the entire account as new. Plus, there is no contact info to reference for system problems.

Does not update

I love this bill reminder, but it does not update I keep on deleting the same bills over and over again and it keeps appearing on next months bill 😑

Billminder is great

Highly recommend this tool to both organize and graphically track your bills. Very easy to use and review expenses. Have been using for several years with no hitches.

App Recommendation

Awesome app. Keeps track of all your bills and reminds u when things r due!!! Have used app for several years with no problems!!! Highly recommend!!!

No contact?

Been relatively pleased with product how ever there is no where to contact vendor for issues or enhancement suggestions. Nothing on website or in the app. Find that very odd


With my memory problems it is essential to have an interactive list to keep up with bills. This app is perfect.

Good start but...

12/8/17 ...pretty bug-riden. 6/21/18 The notifications feature is especially buggy, at least for me—notifications fire for some bills already paid. I sure miss the reliability of the older version.

Good but was better with debtminder

I’ve used this for years but I miss hoe the old version connected to their debtminder app. It was so helpful in paying down bills. Would give 5 stars to both if it’s released.

Great ap

I have used this app for over a year. It helps me keep track of bills to pay on time. The only issue I have is I wish there was a way to add income and work it all together so I know my budget better of what I can afford and foresee in future expenses.

5 stars

This app has helped me keep up with my bills for the past 10 years!

No upcoming bills and defaulting to February?!?!

I count on this app. After the update yesterday nothing upcoming?? everything from February shows past due with no bills upcoming for this month or next month? Why does this happen. Periodically I go in and it shows things that I marked paid as past due (months and months) with nothing on the upcoming calendar. It’s not like this was a free app I actually paid for it, and TWICE thank you very much!! Get it fixed or give refunds. I can’t believe I paid for the new version (crap) and paid for the old version (good).. wow

All data lost!

Updating to ios11 locked me out of the version I had been using for years. Now it won’t open or allow me to access ANYTHING. The upgrade did nothing to import my data. Their FAQ is a joke - it says to email myself a backup. News flash - it doesn’t open any more, so there is no way to do this! All data and history lost, and I have to start all over from scratch. Obviously not with this product, though.


Could you add income reminders.. paydays would really be nice

Nice app for tracking bills

Great app for tracking bills. I Like the autopay and manual features. Wish it had a cash flow planning feature. For example, if on the calendar view if there was a button to allow you to select bills in a time frame or quickly tap/I tap to see upcoming bills and see the total, it would be helpful. Currently, it shows you total for all bills for the month. But when trying to cash flow plan for certain pay periods it would be helpful to select a different time window. Overall, great app, worth the price. It meets a specific need. If you want to track/manage bills and don’t need all the “budget” tools, this is your app.


I downloaded Billminder 4 a couple of months ago after using the previous version for several years even though I didn’t want to pay again for the update. Billminder 4 CRASHED a few weeks after I entered all my information. The “restore” email procedure does not work. Please fix this app and if possible get back all my info.


I would like to be able to keep a running balance on my bills with a total of all my indebtedness!! Other than that I LOVE this app!!

Keeping me in track

BillMinder has been an excellent way for me to stay on track and not be late paying any of my bills. And I love the fact it gives reminders.

Bring back the old version

I don’t like this new version at all. The old version with debt minder allowed you toggle your debt to see which one to pay off first. It also allowed you to enter and update credit card balances. I have sent numerous emails to the developer of this app to ask questions and no one has responded to a single email. Poor customer service and if I could give a rating lower than one star I definitely would. Don’t waste your time downloading this app!!!!!

Lost original app with no warning

I’ve been using the original app since 2009 and love, love, love it. I begrudgingly updated my phone to iOS 11 because my bank app wouldn’t work if I didn’t. Went to see what bills I needed to pay and low and behold it is not supported by iOS 11. I have lost 9 years of bill history, not to mention I don’t know what bills are coming due. One reviewer mentioned that by buying the latest version her original version reloaded and updated once the original email and password was entered and she is able to use it. So, I bought the new version and no such luck. I am so sick I can just not put into words. I have even emailed the developer and nothing. Bad business return7. Just bad business.


I love the Bill Minder. It would sync with Debt Minder. We you be update the Debt Minder soon? These are wonderful apps.


This app works great so far. Simple, to the point. Easy to input and easy to use. One thing that would be nice is a way to keep track on income coming in as well.

Just lost everything

Update: Ok maybe it just took a while to repopulate the data. Except for cleaning up a few things, everything seems to be back. Long time user of this indispensable app. I used it exclusively on an iPad pro with no account. Well I just decided to put it on my iphone as well and it seems to have lost nearly everything except for some bills that I haven’t had for years. Moral of the story, back up often! Even the most trusted stable app can catastrophically fail without warning.

Face ID

The app need some improvement... Face ID doesn’t work very well.


I like this app and believe it could be an app I use frequently. Out of the gate I have discovered that when I go to calendar view and click on list, the app crashes and closes. Please fix and if there are no other glitches, I will be glad to re-rate with 5 stars. Thanks!

Where did all the due dates go?

I like this app; I want to love it. But I changed the setting to not move dates if a bill is due on a weekend, and now none of my bills have due dates at all – they all say “due on (null).” I’d say BillMinder is not reliable until this bug can be resolved.

It doubles my bill list please help

I really love your app but when I sync my old tablet (old billminder )to my iPhone 8 plus (billminder 4) everything doubles and if I delete something the whole bill will be erase and now I’m confused...😔 Thanks for the fix guys . I restart my account then walla it’s like magic I love your app so much😊

Good app


Indispensable app

This app does just enough to keep your bills paid on time and help you budget. Information is displayed graphically for easy trend tracking.

Helpful App, but....

This app has been very helpful when it comes to tracking my monthly bill payments. Now, if the developer would update the companion app DebtMinder, that would be great. I keep getting reminders, from the DebtMinder app, stating I haven’t synced the two apps lately but the DebtMinder app still does not work with iOS 11.


Bought thinking this would be the one 4 stars and 1/2 does nothing ! Does not work as advertised might be user error but I doubt that.

Mine has web site feature

It definitely takes getting used to the changes. I think the old version was a little simpler. The little globe icon up at the top takes me to the correct web site for the account displayed. Overall I am happy with having this app functional again.

HORRIBLE! Update useless

Old app saved & kept track of every payment & I had a few years worth of detailed info for every bill. This “update” saves NOTHING. Keeps no payment history. Each time I record making a payment, it is as if I’ve never made a payment before. I’ve tried getting app assistance & the link takes you to a page w no help at all. A dead end. I am very upset. I lost years worth of records that originally imported & then disappeared & now it saves nothing. I spent hours & hours setting all my bill info up in that app. The new version is USELESS. If someone wants to help me fix this issue, I’d appreciate it bc I’m about to just buy a different one & stop messing w this one. Deserves ZERO stars. The older version I rated FIVE STARS.

Deposit accounts

Need to add a way to track deposits as well as bills with real-time cash flow forecast.

Wow! Seriously the BEST!!

I have always loved having an app to help remind me when and what payments are due so that I am on time. And I have had the free app until just recently I upgraded to the Billminder 4 and I am so truly impressed and absolutely love it!!! A purchase that was extremely worth every cent! I love the features and layout, so simple and maybe even with perfect for what I use!

Security issues & non-responsive

I loved Billminder 3 so I upgraded to V4. There is no longer passcode on the application which is disappointing. I sent an email to support but received no response.

BillMinder 4

I just don’t look the layout of the new version. I prefer a large calendar instead of this small one to the left. Until they provide an option to use the old layout I will continue to use old version.

Lo ve the app

My only suggestion for improvement is to be able to set up for bills due the same day each month- so you don’t have to constantly adjust the due dates


I hated not being in control of my bills. Either a bill was late or a shut off. This app is the best, never miss a bill again and I sleep well.

Decent App

But not having a way to transfer my old data over from the old version was a misstep and the fact that it constantly duplicates bill entries is annoying

Duplicate entries

I am now getting duplicate entries for upcoming bills! When I delete one of the duplicates, they all disappear! I couldn’t find a way to contact. Thus question here!

Version 4

Not a fan of this version. Loved 3 but this one crashes a lot or opens with a blank screen. For some reason, it placed my bills as next due date in March, so I had to reschedule them for January. Considering changing to another app, this one has so many frustrations.

HATE the new version

New version is less intuitive, so many more steps to enter a bill. Extremely annoying. Makes me angry every time I use it. Only good new feature is sharing between devices.

Love The Bill Pay App!

Keeps me on track with my bills. Easy to enter the bill information. Haven’t missed a payment since using this app!


I can’t find another place to ask this question. Is there a update coming for DebtMinder? I can’t access any information I had saved on the app.

My BillMinder 4 Review

Great App!!!!! Highly recommended..Quick question will Return7 be releasing a new version of DebtMinder anytime soon?

Really like it. Here’s a suggestion

I’ve used BillMinder for a couple of years and really like it. Helpful to see what’s coming up and swipe it away once it’s paid. It has a view of what’s upcoming in the next 7 days. I’d love it if the 7 day view gave a dollar subtotal. I have to do the math to know how much I need in the bank over the next week.

Good app could be a little better

Over all it is a good app but it could be better if the upcoming dills had a grand total



My favorite to keep track of bills!!

I was really pleased to discover this app after all the reports of the incompatibility of BM3 with iOS 11. I loved BM3! This is a little different in presentation, and renders better on my iPhone in my opinion (or if I hold my iPad in a vertical position). Not a fan of the “dashboard” thing.....a little too prominent and perhaps the least desirable feature for me. Useful yes, but why should it take up half of the page? Would rather see the “calendar” rendered more prominently (as in BM3)....perhaps a version specific for the iPad might correct this? Let’s hope so! Regardless, still the best app of its kind out there. Highly recommend! UPDATE (11/04/17)...BM4 is still working great on my iPhone. But not so much on my iPad. In fact it has stopped working entirely on my iPad! However, my “BM3 for iPad” which I’ve had for years is back working all of a sudden. I always liked it so I’m not complaining, but the weird thing is that data entries there are not forward compatible with the new BM4 on my iPhone. In other words, new entries on my iPad (version “3 for iPad”) do not show up on my iPhone (version BM4). Fortunately, BM4 on my iPhone is backwards compatible with my old “BM3 for iPad“ app. Go figure. Entries in my iPhone version 4 automatically show up in my old iPad version 3. I’m guessing that at some point this company will come out with a specific “BM4 for iPad”, just like they did for version 3. A little confusing perhaps, but still the best app around. UPDATE (Jan, 2018).... still loving on this app but it may need some developer tweaking. I have been a loyal user for years and in all that time I have never missed or been late with paying a bill! All thanks to BM. The new dashboard however says I have an “on time” rate of only 87%. (When I upgraded last Fall to BM4, it initially showed a rate of 96%.) I don’t understand why, since I always pay on time!! It’s annoying, and the app doesn’t allow me to reset this number or understand the cause of this misinformation!

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