BillMinder 4 App Reviews

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Good and useful app. Wish it had a widget.

Fix Authentication Issue!!

Have used Billminder for years and have loved it...until the update. I used it Saturday just fine. Go to use it today and get a message it Requires Authentication, but it isn’t accepting Touch ID Authentication which seems to be working just fine with every other app. Went to the FAQ page which stated I could turn this off in the app Settings tab.....Which, um, DUH, I would certainly DO IF I COULD GET BACK IN THE APP... and the other reviewer is correct, no Developer contact. Have tried turning off passcode and restarting with no success...Suggestions?

Love the app, but needs slight adjustment

Would be five star, but would like the ability to assign a color to each category and/or bill. I like my bills to show up red and income to show up as green. I don’t use the app for budgeting but to keep track of mine and my boyfriends paychecks and child support coming in along with the bills for the household. Other apps offer the color ability but they don’t offer the sync with account. Only iCloud or drop box. We have separate i clouds for work purposes etc. and the drop box is useless when two people are adding and deleting. Your app is by far the best app.

Happy to see an update however...

Update pocket money sync no longer working! Frustrating! Also reoccurring bills not working! Are these being fixed! Now there seems to be a problem with reoccurring bills, they seem to be skipping a month for monthly reoccurrence. I have to go in and edit the next due date. Not sure if it happens when you enter a payment late? Original rating: I’ve been searching for a replacement for awhile once I saw it would not be compatible with update. I happened across the update in the App Store and was so excited to download I didn't care about paying for the app again. I've been using BillMinder for several years and nothing has quite lived up. I especially liked the integration with Pocket Money, so I was quiet disappointed to see it no longer exists. Please bring this feature back!

0 stars

I used BillMinder 3 and upgraded and paid for 4 and all of a sudden it tells me it needs authentication to try again but it won’t let me! I depend on this to pay my bills and can’t get in!! Nor can I find out how to contact the developer 😡


Please include income especially for people that get paid from multiple jobs

Ok but like the previous better

If I have to move to this due to updates I can live with it but like the old format better. Liked the list to left and big calendar to right on Dashboard. Don't like new dashboard. All my info crossed over. I'll try to live with it but will continue to use current version until I have no choice. Update... what happens to my “Repeat Forever” it only repeats for three months March most of my bills don’t show! Does it only project three months out? Toooooo bright! You supposedly fixed the doubles....not... still does it. All I can say, again, is I’ll stick with the update 3 version til I have no choice cause it still works the way I like it.

Waste of my time and money!

I purchased this app because of the capabilities to sync over multiple devices without having to upload my bank info, which I’m not a fan of. I spent over an hour entering in all of my bill info only to find this morning that there are no due dates on my bills! It lists the accounts and amounts due, but now I have to find when all of my bills are due again! Messed up that I wasted my time and money on this app, which has no support from the app developer.

I don't like 4

The calendar is to small. That is where you would want to start from when you first open the app. Then the side panel gives you the break down.

My favorite to keep track of bills!!

I was really pleased to discover this app after all the reports of the incompatibility of BM3 with iOS 11. I loved BM3! This is a little different in presentation, and renders better on my iPhone in my opinion (or if I hold my iPad in a vertical position). Not a fan of the “dashboard” thing.....a little too prominent and perhaps the least desirable feature for me. Useful yes, but why should it take up half of the page? Would rather see the “calendar” rendered more prominently (as in BM3)....perhaps a version specific for the iPad might correct this? Let’s hope so! Regardless, still the best app of its kind out there. Highly recommend! UPDATE (11/04/17)...BM4 is still working great on my iPhone. But not so much on my iPad. In fact it has stopped working entirely on my iPad! However, my “BM3 for iPad” which I’ve had for years is back working all of a sudden. I always liked it so I’m not complaining, but the weird thing is that data entries there are not forward compatible with the new BM4 on my iPhone. In other words, new entries on my iPad (version “3 for iPad”) do not show up on my iPhone (version BM4). Fortunately, BM4 on my iPhone is backwards compatible with my old “BM3 for iPad“ app. Go figure. Entries in my iPhone version 4 automatically show up in my old iPad version 3. I’m guessing that at some point this company will come out with a specific “BM4 for iPad”, just like they did for version 3. A little confusing perhaps, but still the best app around.


I’ve been using Billminder since the original. Nothing else even comes close!!! Also, first day iPhone X support!!!!

Great app, and improvement suggestion.

I’ve been using for a long time, so I know this is just a little bug. If other categories are created they don’t link to the overall graph that displays all categorical expenses. Please ensure the new categories are correctly linked then will be accurate again. Also a small request: it’s very helpful to have a category that will help with short term and temporary expense planning that gets accounted for in the monthly total (great addition- thank you!). I’m not talking grocery’s but as an example: one time concert expense. Or airline ticket in 2 months kind of expense.

Love this app

So happy to have a new version that works with ios11; now I can update my software without worrying about losing this app! Great new look and feel and still as wonderfully useful as the pro version. Upgrading was easy and everything transferred over with no issues or duplication of bills. If Return7 can update the debt minder app too, that would be even better...

Capabilities Removed

Had a previous version of BillMinder that allowed tracking of each account and gave idea of balances and progress made toward eliminating debt. Miss those features terribly!

This has been keeping my life on track for a decade

Love this app, got it on my first iPhone. Never miss a payment, always know how to plan my paychecks. Not enough good things to say about it.

Still love this app

I have been using this app for years and it’s still the best! Support is quick to respond and always takes the time to explain any issues I’ve had! Thanks for a great app!! Send To PocketMoney has been added yayyyy!!!


I’d give it a 5 star review except my husband and I cannot sync this app together onto one account.

What happened??

I have used BillMinder 3 for some years and loved it! This version does not match up! All of a sudden the app started to pull up information from 2016..Old car loans and bills that I previously closed out. I really want to like the app cause I’m familiar with the #3 version. Please make it as similar as possible to the 3rd version.

App does not even work

I just purchased this and upon opening the app - everything I touch does absolutely nothing. I tap settings and the app does nothing....absolutely nothing. I paid $5 bucks for absolutely nothing. Go to the developer’s website and you can’t even find a support link. Something seriously wrong with this.

Much Improved from Original Version

It seems like I’ve been using this app’s first version for years, even despite not being updated for the last two years. Now, I love this app and apps like it as I don’t really care for giving out access to my credit card accounts and bank account logins that most other apps like PRISM and MINT ask for and use to track your bills for you. That is FAR too invasive for my liking. So I prefer simpler apps I can manually add account info to, with due dates and amounts, and when to alert me that the bill is due, etc. so this app was one of my most useful of all apps on my entire phone. Maybe THE most useful. And this app specifically was my favorite for this type of bill tracking. Then came iOS 11. Apple decided to make older, un-updated apps almost obsolete unless the creators updated them to be compliant with iOS 11, which brought about this version of the app. And THANK GOD THEY DID! This new version of the app (Version 4-mind you I never knew there were even versions 2 or 3), is more robust and better looking than the original I loved for so many years. Things like editing payments for accounts, either a single payment or for the entire account going forward, is so much easier and without glitches (you got used to the glitches in the old version). There are more features that can be customized also. Just a great update. Overall a MUCH better version of the original that was already one of the best apps in the entire app store. NICELY DONE! 🎉

Very disappointed-Updated not as disappointed

Since posting this the developer did add in the pocket money feature. Still disappointed in their lack of communication. Since the pocket money sync has been added back in I have updated my stars as this was a huge reason for me using this product. Original Review I have been a faithful bill minder user since bill minder 1. I have purchased this app 4 times now. This latest purchase was a waste of $5. I can no longer sync with pocket money. The calendar portion is small. And the dashboard is useless. I would have preferred to toggle between the dashboard and calendar. I have emailed support with no response if I could give no stars I would! Don’t waste your money!

Missing some worthwhile features

I do not like the new interface. In my opinion, the old Billminder interface was better. I cannot find a way to export or print "bills due" in this version, at least not without having to awkwardly do a Screen snapshot and print. Thanks for finally updating but don't take away features, especially when you are wanting us to pay again! Thanks for bringing back “Export to CSV File”. Bring back “Reports” and I will add more stars.

Still posting duplicate payments !

Still posting duplicate payments !thus doubling amou t paid - old version never did this - latest update for iOS 11 said it was fixed - I am afraid if I erase one of the dups it will elm ate payment? Should I logout each time or just adjust o e of the dup payments posted to .05 cents?

Repeating Accounts

I pay bills to the same companies every month.. with this new version is there a way I don't have to enter the company name each time? The previous version brought up existing accounts so you could just choose the company.. don't see any way to do that with this version... is there a way that I don't see?

Great as always

Love this app. By far the best bill reminder and tracker out there. Didn’t mind paying the $5 for the new version. I’m paying for a service and platform that I enjoy. The design is clean and user friendly. Mostly, I use it on my iPhone but the app is also very nice on my iPad. It’s very easy to track pills and see pertinent information at a glance. Now, if I only had the money to pay the bills...😉

Could be better

I have always loved BillMinder but since this update it's not been the easiest to use. And WHY would you remove the option to go to the websites for my accounts. That was one of the best things about this app. Definitely put that back. Then maybe I can give you a four star. No app is a five because I believe there's always room for improvement.

No access code

The “access code” is not available in this version of BillMinder. Also, the interface is not in Spanish, just in English

need help

I had purchased the new app. So I need to change my email address can you Please tell me a who to contact to get help?? I like the old app every one else where is the web sites to go to to Bills??

Missing from BM3

I am glad version 4 is here and it works great, however, I have a few suggestions. I tried finding an email or some way to contact support but there isn’t an address anywhere I see. The thing I am missing is the ability to refresh the bills from the server. If I make a change in BM3 it doesn’t show up in BM4 unless I logout and back in. The reason I am still using BM3 is the ability to “send to pocket money”. That is a HUGE loss from 3->4 for me and I hope you bring it back to 4 in a update soon. (Server sync and send to pocket money needed back) Thanks!

Please add the website link back

Just up graded to 4 because I had to with the iOS but you removed the website link feature which really made this app good please put it back in there as an update thank you. This is the reason for my three star rating it really is that important.

New Version VS Old Version

I was super glad to see a new Bill Minder App. I quickly paid for it and Bill Minder is by far my go to Bill App. While Version 4 is functional - i must say that I REALLY prefer the Version 3. I like the larger calendar size - i do not like the dashboard. It takes up a lot of space for info you do not need to view all of the time. Please consider enlarging the calendar and making the view similar to Version 3. I bet that would make a lot of folks happy. I am always happy to support the developers bring us new and well rounded products and do not expect updates for free for the rest of my life.

Paid $4.99 for upgrade, lost functionality!

I have been using this app for years now, originally paid $1.99 for it and for it's companion app, Debtminder. Both synced and worked together famously, until 2013. Things went downhill from there, to the point of not functioning at all. I emailed developers over and over with no response. When I found out Billminder 4 was coming out, I was ecstatic. My favorite app was getting an update to work with iOS11. Emailed developer right away, to make sure this was still going to work with Debtminder, of course no response. Now I paid $4.99 for this supposedly awesome upgrade and yes, all account info comes over no problem, after all, it's just a database. BUT: 1. When I paid my bills, all I had to do was click on the stored website info to be directed to the website, not in this version, I guess that part of the database was left out? 2. When I looked at account history graphs in the old version, I could see data for one month, six months, all times to compare, not in this version, only one year with no way of changing this. 3. No links to Debtminder whatsoever, it's not even available in the AppStore at all anymore, which has been crucial to me for planning my getting out of debt strategy. 4. Calendar view does not show amounts due anymore on any given day on iPad, because it was pushed in the corner with no way to make it larger, which was a great difference between the iPhone and iPad app. Instead dashboard is huge and is not the information I need to see on a daily - weekly - monthly basis. And I'm afraid I just wasted $5 on an app that went backwards in functionality from the original, cost more than the original, and come September 22nd, I will not be able to upgrade to IOS11 if I want to keep using my two favorite apps, Ugh, what a waste of years and years of data! I hope the developer reads my review, since it's been obvious customer support through email is non-existant still! Update 9/20/2017 1.No calculator? 2.No reports? 3.Now I have bills that show unpaid, some of them from 2012, and only some of them show up as duplicate bills? Please fix this app, I absolutely loved it and Debtminder and the way they worked together. Now my old Billminder is showing the same problems, albeit, it does still have the better functionality. I'm however afraid to sync my Debtminder in fear of it also getting corrupted and messing up my data? Finally got customer service through email on a good note, but unfortunately, they have not been able to solve the #3 problem yet. Update 10/12/2017 It works better now, hence the upgrade to 3 stars, but I have to admit, I'm still using Billminder 3 albeit upgraded to work on ios11, on an iPad with older iOS version to be able to use my DebtMinder app :-( Still missing: -Calculator -Reports -Website note for linking to make payments -Data for one month, six months, all times to compare -DebtMinder ios11 compatible app upgrade, which to me personally is crucial and the main reason why I purchased this app years ago in the first place. I will gladly pay for that last option if need be and the app can stay the same since I'm using the DebtMinder 3 iOS 11 upgrade for now, so no app rebuilding necessary, just compatibility with ios11, pleeeaaase?????


Please bring back the ability to add an existing bill on the overview page! It’s such a hassle to find a particular vendor in the categories and way too many taps! Was much easier before when I could choose from my list on the wheel!

Integration with pocket money app

What happened with the integration with the PocketMoney app? This is the whole reason I purchased this application. I want my money back!

Still glitchy

It is a glitchy app it creates double accounts for one account that you enter and isn’t easy to modify

Great software

Have only been using it for month or so but seems like a great product and haven’t run across any bugs yet

Loving the app

I love the app and I hope you guys have plans on making debtminder. I used to love how you can connect you debt with your bills and see your debt go down everytime you paid your bill. Other then that the app works lovely.


It was a great app. Now we have to pay for t again with a lower grade version? You guys took some of the best features. You need to put that quick website link option and copy paste.

Not working

Duplicate account and calendar is not working

BillMinder Review

Comparing newer version to older version, there is no comparison- this is a completely different app and does not present most needed bill information in a friendly format. I want to see a calendar when my bills are due, not a sidebar listing number of days. The main portion of this app is the dashboard- in my opinion that should not be front and center- bill due dates on a calendar should be front and center. Updated version is a disappointment.

Almost perfect

Only thing lacking before I’d give it 5 stars is the option to show all payments due before next pay date. For example, I get paid today, which bills are due before my next payday.

It's Great!

Makes it easy to keep track of your bills. Highly recommended.

Where is reports?

Does almost everything I need it to do except for features I hold dearly- no reports, no exporting, cannot view all bills for the period. Am I supposed to use version 3 for my reports? Is any one thinking of going back to version 3?

BillMinder 4

Hey guys! In the previous BillMinder I could send payments to PocketMoney 2. Does it not have that feature now, or do I just not know how to do it? Will give 5 stars to get that back. Also, don’t mind paying the few dollars again to purchase/upgrade for maintaining a good product. -Tom

A vital app

This app is so useful to me that before I realized version 4 existed, I was worried what I would do when iOS 11 came out and BillMinder 3 stopped working. Simply a great app


Really nice app. It would be great if they could add an income category. That would get it to 5 stars for me.

Where is the contact tab

I can’t for the life of me find where I used to store the web address and phone numbers and other notes

The older version was much better?

I wish the updated version could have a total balance due option, so that way payments that have been made would be tracked and deducted to show the new balance of the account in real time. I’m sadly disappointed in the developers of this app after the change to IOS 11. Its very basic now and customers had to repurchase the app with less futures to get all old account info from older version??

Necessary but BS having to pay for update

What the!? Why would you charge people that have already paid for your app to update to the current app. That is just robbery especially when we can no longer use it with the new iOS update. If it was still usable then it wouldn't be a big deal but to make people pay five dollars again just for an update is scandalous.

Thank You! **Updated**

Back to Five Stars. The developer responded to my post and cleared up my issue (user error). Disregard the following paragraph (the remaining review still holds true). I removed a star as there is one great feature from BM3 that is not available in the new version: The ability to adjust the current bill amount. In BM3 you had the option to edit the bill (for the current amount) or account (for all upcoming payments). I used that option to update the bill once I knew the amount. Since I typically get the bill two weeks in advance I could plan accordingly by adjusting the amount due for the given month. Please restore this feature. Even though the developer left us high and dry for months, I am extremely thankful that the app was not totally abandoned. Let’s face it, BillMinder is THE BEST bill reminder app available. Nothing else compares. When my emails went unanswered, I was forced to find another app. I went through several alternative apps which never quite cut the mustard. Then I saw BillMinder 4 in the store and didn’t hesitate buying it. Sure, there are some changes and improvements and I can deal with them. The core functionality is still there and that is why it is the best app. I only hope the developer stays with us for the long haul this time.

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